Lessons learned from sleeping at a homeless shelter…

#1 You go through a TSA type body screening when you arrive.

#2 No guns or hats allowed inside…

#3 You have to shower and go to church before you can go to bed.

#4 Making eye contact with others is not recommended. A guy asked me to pull his finger when I looked at him. When I refused he lifted his leg, farted, laughed, and walked away.

#5 When Tido speed walks around the perimeter of the t.v room, get the f out of his way!

#6 To fit in, yell obscenities at Tido and tell him to sit the f down.

#7 Cutting the shower line is a bad idea.

#8 If you get caught using you cell phone past 8pm bad things happen to you.

#9 Don’t talk, don’t smile, don’t get caught filming people, don’t laugh, don’t film people!